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Enjoy great savings with our line of Commando® Factory Seconds tools which meet the same standards set for Factory First tools but may possess slight blemishes and imperfections. Details of the tool's defect can be many things including but not limited to, scratches, spots, discoloration and they are sold “as is”. They are sold without a warranty which means they are not eligible for warranty repair or replacement unless there is an issue with the actual function of the tool. Our Factory Seconds tools only come in limited tool combinations and quantities and are subject to change every day. Make sure to check our webpage frequently to keep track of the tools availability.

On almost every batch we have blemished parts. These are those parts. They may have small defects such as minor machining marks or burrs, but most common are color variations in the anodizing that are too far out of spec. They fit, function, and are just as tough as our regular grips but they cost a lot less! Good way to get a great product at a significantly reduced price.

All items featured here are fully functional and ready to go. Some may be first inspection rejects due to slight blemishes in the finish, some may be pull-offs (parts removed from a complete assembly for one reason or another), some may be items we brought in for testing and are no longer using. Everything here is sold on an as-is, first come first served basis and are marked to move fast as the only purpose of this Yard Sale Collection is to free up much needed space in our warehouse.

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